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Villas increasingly diverse in recent years has taken its place as a new alternative tourism in the
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 Villas increasingly diverse in recent years has taken its place as a new alternative tourism in the country. Villas with modern lines, rather than designing Ataköy village village culture leans more in the forest, attention is given to reflect the authentic values, and the houses are equipped with inside and around the rustic as possible.

The aim is everywhere, in every country, not found in modern homes, vacation plan on repair the aspirations of the past, can see sections of the country life, calm, quiet, fully independent and private, close to tourist attractions and can be called away, but if necessary, with all kinds of equipment, to create comfortable homes.  Villas was created with this philosophy.

7.5 acres are home to only 5 in the end. 1 home householders, 4 villa serves the tourism. Gulf of Gokova and the village of Ataköy valley from the terrace of each house can be seen in wide angle. Terra pool villas each one is different, there are separate entrance and separate car park. There are many hiking trails in the forest in the back of the villas, especially in spring (March-April) turns into a field of flowers around. Photography,  Villas are ideal for bird watching.

Authentic ....., Thursday market is very colorful, narrow streets, restaurants, artisans and Muğla (29km), again at a lake with a rich market for Monday, serene town Koycegiz (25 minutes), the ruins of Caunos, mud baths, Ekincik Bay and Dalyan ( 45 minutes), for entertainment and beautiful views of Marmaris (29km), Willow, Selimiye, Bozburun peninsula with fishing villages and Knidos, after Yata Stratonikea path of the ancient city of Bodrum (1.5 hours) and from there to Bodrum (1 hour), Çomakdağ village of Milas, Milas Beçin castle (2 hours), the path from Dalaman airport (60km from Dalaman airport Ataköy-Istanbul/TURKEY) Deer Canyon, Cry Valley-Eagle Lake or through the flowering of the Ottoman-Greek architecture Karabörtlen'e Ula and return with samples, delicious seafood, and Akyaka Akyaka with its tapas and beachside restaurants Azmakbaşı Akbuk bay, travel, or even be able to continue Oren and Bodrum .......  gezintilerdir villas can do daily.

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